Candy Shop Mansion Party Pyrotechnics

Candy Shop Mansion Party Fireworks

Project: Candy Shop Mansion Party
Category: Major Event
Services: Flames, C02, Close Proximity Fireworks, Moving Platforms, Rigging, Barge Fireworks, Marine Service, Safety Management

Skylighter Fireworks  were asked to take a fireworks display at Gold Coast celebrity Travers Beynon party to the next level. This annual party is Australia’s hottest ticket and boy did Skylighter add some heat to this year’s party!

The creative display evolved as more stunts, water activities and air activations were added to make the most amazing production. Both the Skylighter and H20 Events team collaborated  with local stakeholders on permits and safety requirements to create this first of its kind activation on the water. The activation included five helicopters, 1 skydiver with pyrotechnics, 15 jet skis, 4 fly boards, 2 jetpacks, 8 ski girls, 3 barges with flames, exploding jetty’s and a huge fireworks display.

All these elements blended together in a seamless live show that produced extensive local and international media coverage. The second part of this event included flame projectors for the major international DJ acts and became the Gold Coast largest fireworks display in history. The display was fired over 9 minutes and could been seen from as far south as the New South Wales boarder, using some of the best shells from around the world. #teamskylighter

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