Indoor and Close Proximity Pyrotechnics

Enjoy the excitement of pyrotechnics almost anywhere!

Close proximity pyrotechnics allows for both special effects and full displays to be created in these “tight” locations. Pyrotechnic devices such as fountains, mines, comets and bombettes can be very safely utilised at much closer distances. The limited amount of explosive power and extremely high standards of manufacturing result in devices that are safe in these confined spaces and meet very strict safety regulations. They are usually low smoke with virtually no “fallout” (paper or other debris) once discharged.

Excite them with indoor pyrotechnics and they’ll dance the night away!

At Skylighter Fireworks, we are able to produce intimate, indoor pyrotechnic effects that can be safely used in a range of enclosed venues where the audience is just metres from the excitement! These specially designed fireworks are perfect for producing smokeless and debris less displays for multimedia productions, gala evenings, product launches and stage shows.

Welcome a guest speaker to the stage with an eruption of colour and sound or finish your event with impact. Glitter and streamer bursts can be secured high above your audience in the rigging to conclude your event with some glitz and glamour or a huge explosion of colour and flames as the headline acts kick off the tour!

Skylighter Fireworks will IGNITE your event!

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