Barge Fireworks

From rivers to oceans, Skylighter’s barge fireworks create exquisite reflections over water, and breathtaking fireworks displays in the air.

Skylighter Fireworks are a fully qualified and certified marine company, and have mastered the fine art of a barge fireworks display. Skylighter has a fleet of five work boats and nine barges that are commercially used all over Australia. Skylighter is the only company that has fully certified offshore barges suitable for open water and barge fireworks displays.

Skylighter Fireworks is a national leader in creating and choreographing integrated pyrotechnic displays for large-scale barge fireworks displays. Our team is specially trained in producing major displays on water, with our state-of-the-art computer firing software and marine functions, enabling our barge fireworks displays to be fired from an unlimited number of river and ocean locations.

So, ask us how we can create an affordable, barge fireworks display for you. We look after the complete service delivery, from creative design to marine operations, we are a full turnkey solution for your fireworks dreams!

Barge fireworks are a magical chance to completely amaze your audience! Whether you are planning a massive event, or a smaller wedding or launch, Skylighter Fireworks can make your vision a reality.

Imagine these fireworks at your next event!

(Click the video to turn the sound on.)

Barge Hire

Skylighter has six barges, three work boats, and small pontoons with ticketed skippers, available for hire and use in South East Queensland. We have a skilled, experienced, and ticketed in-house marine crew. They have worked on, and still do, Australia’s biggest ships and vessels. The barges are available for a range of uses in calm, semi-calm and offshore. Uses include:

  • Barge fireworks displays
  • Laser shows and water curtain generator or pump platforms
  • TV and movie production platforms
  • Work platforms for construction
  • Transporting of large infrastructure to waterfront properties and venues
  • Rubbish removal from waterfront properties