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Team Skylighter
/tea m sky lye ter/ – (noun)

Not just a fireworks company; A culturally and creatively diverse family of individual experts. Collaborating to achieve excellence, and produce perfection, at every moment.

Skylighter Fireworks is a Queensland family owned and operated company and has fast become one of Australia’s largest Fireworks display companies. Skylighter produces innovative fireworks displays, exciting sports activations and city wide celebrations.

Started by Max Brunner and Denzil Brunner in 1999, Skylighter built a reputation for creativity, innovation and spectacular displays. Since its inception, Max has been joined by a passionate team including Nick Mitri (Fireworks in 51 countries), Julian Rushworth (Financial controller), Rob Fairbanks (NQ manager), Nick Kozij (Project Manager and sports presentation), Harrison Smith (Design and product manager), Dale Norris (Production Management & Coordination) and Dom Vermaak (Fireworks 30+ Countries )plus an array of pyros that share their love of fireworks. With this passionate, experienced, and established team, Skylighter has grown to become the largest pyrotechnic company in Queensland and one of Australia’s most sought-after pyrotechnic display companies.

Skylighter have been designing and producing spectacular displays throughout Australia. Our team of enthusiastic pyrotechnicians have produced some of Australia’s most prestigious displays including Seafire, Queensland NYE celebrations, Brisbane Ekka, 2032 Olympic Announcement, Dark Mofo, Commonwealth Games with the Star, and Hamilton Island Race Week to name just a few.

Nick Mitri

Nick Mitri boasts an illustrious 30-year career in the fireworks industry, marked by exceptional achievements and global recognition. Representing South Africa, he has clinched victory in nine international competitions, showcasing his mastery in countries including Italy, the UK, Belgium, RSA, and Canada. Renowned as a leader in his field, Nick has twice represented South Africa at the prestigious L’International Des Feux Loto-Quebec in Montreal, the pinnacle of fireworks excellence.

His expertise has graced iconic events such as the FIFA 2010 World Cup, where he orchestrated captivating displays for both the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, leaving an indelible mark on spectators worldwide. Nick’s passion for pyrotechnics knows no bounds, having illuminated the skies in over 30 countries, from Angola to Zimbabwe, with his awe-inspiring creations. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Nick Mitri continues to push the boundaries of innovation, crafting unforgettable moments that enchant audiences across the globe.

Skylighter Fireworks - Brisbane - Our Team

Dominick Vermaak

Dominick has been in the events industry 10+ years. What started out as a weekend activity back in 2010 quickly turned into a long-term passion for shooting fireworks. Shooting fireworks has been his passion and full-time source of work since day one. Large scale sporting events and fireworks displays are his specialities. His experience is drawn from managing a fireworks business in South Africa over the years. Having participated and planned several international competition representations around the world, his experience with fireworks in events greatly assists the execution of large-scale events.

Dale Norris

Dale is a Brisbane-based Production Manager and Special Effects Supervisor. Covering multidisciplinary fields across festivals, theatrical, and music events, he has a focus on event operations, sustainability, and team welfare. Highlights include Operations Consultant for ‘Riverfire’ by Australian Retirement Trust and Brisbane Festival, Technical Manager for ‘An American In Paris’ for GWB Entertainment, Site Operations Manager and Special Effects Supervisor for ‘Lord Mayor’s Christmas Carols’, and Project Manager for the ‘City of Brisbane New Years’ Eve Displays 2022-2024’. He has held roles as Special Effects Supervisor across ‘Dark Mofo’, ‘Winter Fest’, Queensland Theatre, The Little Red Company, and Shake and Stir Theatre Co. In his role at Skylighter Fireworks, he oversees the day-to-day development of shows across the business, and the development of best industry practice.

Nick Kozij

Nick is an experienced professional in the events industry with over 25 years of experience. He has a passion for events of all sizes and has worked on everything from small intimate productions to large-scale sports presentations. Nick’s experience and expertise have allowed him to guest lecture at the University of Queensland and TAFE Queensland sharing his knowledge with the next generation of event professionals. He is especially well-versed in sports pyrotechnic presentations and large-scale fireworks events, being the brains behind melding technology and pyrotechnics to create some of the biggest and most valued pregame sports presentations in the country. This excellent ability to collaborate with stakeholders and creative teams gives him an edge in the delivery of the final production. Innovation is a crucial element in any field, and Nick’s contributions to sports presentations are a testament to his creativity and dedication. By introducing new technology and techniques, he’s able to take the show to new heights, changing the game delivery and making it even more unforgettable for those who attend. In addition to his technical expertise, Nick’s experience in event production gives him a strong project management skill set, which is critical for coordinating all the different elements involved in major productions, from obtaining the necessary permits and risk management to managing a team of technicians and pyrotechnicians during the actual event.

Harrison Smith

Harrison has been involved in the pyrotechnics industry since 2010, working on some of the biggest shows in Australia. He has been working full-time with Skylighter and has held various positions, eventually working his way up to Lead Designer and product specialist. With his experience as both an Operator and Designer, Harrison can effectively meet client briefs and manage the wider production scope. He is particularly skilled in high-pressure environments such as live broadcasts and sports presentations, and he works closely with all aspects of an event to ensure its success.

An expert in wireless delivery, he has also mastered the effective use of timecodes, redundancy, and integrating other technologies into multiple games, across multiple venues, and a range of sports. Aside from his on-field work, Harrison has been working with factories, changing the game with a range of debris-free, high-quality effects designed and produced for the Australian sports pyrotechnic market.

Robert Fairbanks

Rob has more than 35 years of experience in the pyrotechnic industry. Rob is the brains behind the choreography of some of our biggest overseas displays. Rob’s focus on designing, producing, and delivering innovative fireworks displays makes him a master in his field. Rob has worked on displays over the last 30 years in Macau, the Philippines, Kuala Lumpur, New Guinea, Canada, and here in Australia.

Rob is the force behind the North Queensland Cowboys game day deliveries, collaborating closely with the event team on a host of activities. Rob is also a multi-award-winning choreographer taking prizes in Macau, The Philippines, and the USA. Rob lives and works in Townsville and has been a resident for 30+ years.

We are constantly looking for new talent to join our team! If you think you have what it takes, please send us and email and get in touch! Let’s get the ball rolling!