Spectacular Fireworks Displays

Use fireworks displays to make your events the ones your guests remember!

From city-wide fireworks, to school fetes and carnivals, summer music festivals, to cultural events and agricultural shows, weddings and birthdays, to corporate product activations – Skylighter Fireworks will provide the perfect finale to your major event. People of all ages love magnificent fireworks displays, and they watch in awe and wonder. Ensure that your event stands out in the minds of your audience for years to come, as they are amazed by the incredible fireworks that only Skylighter Fireworks is able to deliver!

Skylighter Fireworks is a national leader in creating and choreographing integrated fireworks displays for large-scale events. Our team is specially trained in producing major displays, with our state-of-the-art computer firing software that enables our fireworks to be fired from an unlimited number of locations. From creative to clean up, we are a full, turnkey solution for your event.

Skylighter are able to integrate a city’s themes and landmarks such as bridges, parklands, waterways, and buildings into a fireworks display that captures audience and media attention. We will help you to conceptualize the perfect design for your guests, will put the entire show together, and supply everything you could possibly need. Skylighter Fireworks has worked with major events teams from around the world, and can provide technical experience to create the most breath-taking shows! We have also competed in many fireworks competitions, so we have ample experience in this majestic service!

It’s why we have become one of Australia’s most trusted and sought-after fireworks display companies, and we are at your service!

But don’t take our word for it… Have a look at our showreel.

Skylighter Fireworks will IGNITE your event!

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