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Skylighter Fireworks is one of Australia’s largest fireworks display companies, producing innovative fireworks displays, exciting sports activations, and extraordinary corporate events. Skylighter Fireworks is a fully integrated pyrotechnics business, incorporating product design, manufacture and importation, to presenting spectacular displays to a diverse array of events. Whether it’s a nationwide celebration, a high-energy sporting event, or an intimate wedding affair, our team brings together creative expertise, audience engagement, and years of experience to ensure your event is nothing short of extraordinary.

Spectacular Displays

Skylighter Fireworks stands as a premier fireworks display entity in Australia, renowned for its cutting-edge displays, dynamic sports activations, and remarkable corporate events. As a fully integrated pyrotechnics enterprise, Skylighter Fireworks oversees every aspect from product design and manufacturing to importation, culminating in awe-inspiring displays for a wide range of occasions. Whether orchestrating a nationwide jubilation, electrifying sporting extravaganza, or intimate wedding celebration, our team synergizes creative prowess, audience interaction, and extensive experience to guarantee an event that surpasses all expectations.

about skylighter fireworks
about skylighter fireworks


With a rich history spanning 25 years, Skylighter Fireworks has been pivotal in orchestrating some of Australia’s most notable events. At every aspect of our operations, meticulous attention is paid to both the event itself and the audience it serves. From intricate logistics management to flawless execution of the final display, our devoted and passionate team at Skylighter is unwaveringly dedicated to providing solutions that prioritize safety and deliver spectacular productions. It’s this t commitment that solidifies our position as industry trailblazers.

The Production Process



Skylighter Fireworks is scaled for efficiency, from our workshops to how we deliver on site. We have a huge buying power, as we are the QLD wholesaler and importer of fireworks. Backed by company owned assets and an in house team of professionals who can deliver, Skylighter is the best bang for buck, for your event!



Skylighter collaborates closely with your event team to craft a cohesive theme and vision for your fireworks display. From selecting the right types of fireworks to curating the perfect soundtrack and setting the desired mood, every aspect is meticulously integrated into the production delivery process. By aligning with your event’s unique atmosphere and objectives, Skylighter ensures a truly unforgettable display that captivates and delights your audience.



Skylighter takes charge behind the scenes, collaborating with stakeholders to secure permits, handle notifications, and manage risk, ensuring everything is in place for your display. Every step is meticulously planned with both the event and audience at the forefront. Whether navigating complex logistics or executing the final effect, the Skylighter Fireworks team prioritizes safety and efficiency. It’s this commitment to excellence that distinguishes us as industry leaders.



At Skylighter, our award-winning fireworks designers are masterful in crafting the visual elements of your display. They expertly coordinate colors and effects with the music, constantly exploring innovative ways to captivate your audience. Utilizing an advanced modern 3D visualization program, we simulate your entire show, enabling real-time programming for a truly immersive experience. With Skylighter, you can count on comprehensive expertise to bring your event to life in spectacular fashion.



On the day of your event, you can rest assured that the Skylighter team has everything under control. Collaborating closely with all stakeholders, we ensure the timely and value-for-money delivery of a breathtaking fireworks display or special effects production that will leave your guests speechless. From inception to clean-up, Skylighter Fireworks provides a turn-key solution for your event!

Safety and Environmental

Safety is the cornerstone of every fireworks display at Skylighter Fireworks. From planning and design to execution, we prioritize safety above all else, conducting detailed risk assessments at every stage of production. Our staff are trained in and adhere to a comprehensive Safety Management System, with ongoing professional development to uphold our commitment to safety. Our safety protocols extend beyond just spectators and property, encompassing considerations for local environmental concerns, wildlife, and residents. At Skylighter Fireworks, we recognize our responsibility to minimize our environmental impact. As a large display company our responsibilities are greater than the bulk of our competitors, which is why we are constantly striving to find ways to control and reduce any detrimental effects we may bring upon the environment. This is not only good practice for the company in general but also breeds a culture of recycling, waste reduction and environmental protection to our staff and customers. Click here to find out more.

Design, Technology and Manufacture

Skylighter Fireworks remains at the forefront of innovation, dedicated to advancing pyrotechnic special effects and computer firing system technology. Continuously developing and procuring the latest products, we ensure each display delivers unparalleled uniqueness.

At the heart of our operations is the FireOne computer-controlled wireless firing system, renowned as the world’s premier firing system. With FireOne, our displays are meticulously choreographed to music with split-second precision, seamlessly synchronized across expansive firing locations like barges, bridges, and rooftops. Our systems also facilitate audio simulcast with television, radio stations, and professional sound broadcast systems.

Our Head Product Designer frequently travels to China to oversee the design, testing, and creation of new, spectacular special effects. Beginning with conceptual sketches, our creative process evolves through computer modelling and detailed design. Pyro-chemists then craft the pyrotechnic formulas required to bring our concepts to life.

We meticulously source the finest pyrotechnic ingredients worldwide. Refined black powder is crafted from Sulphur and Saltpetre sourced from Germany, while brilliant silver effects are produced using Titanium powders from Italy and the USA. Sulphates and nitrates sourced from various regions ensure vibrant colors, unique effects, and low smoke productions—hallmarks of our exceptional products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Skylighter produces innovative fireworks displays, exciting sports activations and magical wedding pyrotechnics. We are a fully integrated pyrotechnics business – we incorporate product design, manufacture, and importation, all the way through to producing the spectacular displays you see in the skies. We create jaw-dropping fireworks for city-wide national events, on grand sporting stages, or during intimate wedding ceremonies. We have the creative flair to ignite your event, the passion to excite your audience, and the experience to produce events that are talked about for years to come. Unmatched Innovation, Award Winning Design, Exceptional Team and Top Level Customer Service.

The price of organising a firework display depends on several factors, including the type of fireworks used, necessary supplies, insurance coverage, labor hours for setup and programming, administrative tasks, equipment, and transportation tandfrom the venue and storage facility. Since each display is unique due to factors like date, location, and site specifics, pricing may vary. As a rough estimate, our starting price for an outdoor aerial fireworks display is approximately $2500.00. For a precise quote tailored to your specific needs, please contact us.

Outdoor fireworks displays usually require a minimum radius of 40 meters from all spectators and occupied buildings to ensure safety. Ideally, a radius of 55 meters is preferred for a broader range of fireworks effects. Additionally, we offer Close Proximity Fireworks, which can be set up as close as 5 meters from the audience.

In Queensland, displays must be completed by 9pm on Sunday through Thursday and by 10pm on Friday and Saturday.

The duration of a firework display mainly depends on your budget and desired outcome. Typically, a longer display requires a larger budget or features slower-fired effects. For our basic outdoor display, we suggest a minimum duration of 3 minutes to provide an exciting spectacle.

Close Proximity fireworks are a specialised type of pyrotechnics designed for use near performers and spectators. They work well in both indoor and outdoor settings, particularly when space is limited, providing a safe and visually stunning option for events. These are seen at concerts and major sporting events.

All displays produced by Skylighter are waterproofed before leaving our warehouse, enabling the displays to proceed even in the rain. We have a detailed procedure for all weather conditions.

Skylighter offers a full turnkey service, handling everything from concept to cleanup. This includes obtaining permits such as fireworks permits, aquatic/river permits, CASA and airspace permits, and notifying local authorities like the council, police, and fire department.

Low-Noise fireworks are displays crafted to minimise noise while still showcasing vibrant colours. They offer a visually captivating experience without the loud sounds typically associated with traditional fireworks, making them suitable for built-up areas.

Skylighter is an authorised Fireworks Contractor endorsed by the Resources Safety Health Queensland explosives inspectorate. We are fully licensed up to $20 million and can provide insurance details upon display booking.

Organising fireworks displays on land requires approval from the landowner or their representative. Permits for fireworks and informing authorities such as the Fire Brigade, Police Department, and neighbouring residents are also necessary. Water-based displays involve additional arrangements such as a barge and a tender vessel, obtaining an aquatic permit, and potentially hiring water police for safety. Skylighter owns all marine boats and barges, allowing us to offer cost-effective solutions.

Skylighter Fireworks has pioneered rooftop displays in Queensland and has approved alternative safety measures for firing from elevated platforms, moving items like boats and jet skis, as well as from rooftops, structures, and towers. Skylighter also own all their won marine assets including barges, so no third party barge hire cost.

At Skylighter Fireworks, we take our impact on the environment extremely seriously. We have a detailed ISO11400 Environmental management System that we adhere to.