Environmental Policy

At Skylighter Fireworks, we take our impact on the environment very seriously. The fireworks industry often, and in some cases rightly comes under scrutiny regarding concerns not only with safety, but also the environmental impact.

As a large display company our responsibilities are greater than the bulk of our competitors, which is why we are constantly striving to find ways to control and reduce any detrimental effects we may bring upon the environment. This is not only good practice for the company in general but also breeds a culture of recycling, waste reduction and environmental protection to our staff and customers.

We have strived to reduce our waste by reviewing the make and consumables that go into all our fireworks. Through elimination of plastics, we have changed the output of our no recyclable waste.

We currently use many ways to help reduce our carbon footprint:

Strict Recycling: We use recyclable products when this choice is available

Waste Reduction: We prefer to use reusable products within our business and reduce our non-recyclable waste

Fleet Vehicles: Skylighter uses low fuel consumption vehicles and the reduction of CO2 emissions through car pooling

Energy-Efficient: We have a policy that reduces electronic consumption in our business, like the use of natural light in our workshops, offices powered down after hours and the use of green energy where possible.

Skylighter Fireworks runs an environmentally conscious business and this helps us to reduce our impact on the environment. We provide a full breakdown of our policy’s to our clients on request.

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