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Skylighter Fireworks is Queenland’s leading fireworks display company, which makes it one of Australia’s largest fireworks display companies! We produce innovative fireworks displays, exciting sports activations, and extraordinary corporate events. Skylighter Fireworks is a fully integrated pyrotechnics business, incorporating product design, manufacture and importation, to presenting spectacular displays to a diverse array of events. Whether it’s a nationwide celebration, a high-energy sporting event, or an intimate wedding affair, our team brings together creative expertise, audience engagement, and years of experience to ensure your event is nothing short of extraordinary.

What We Do


From city-wide fireworks on land or on barges, to carnivals, music festivals, cultural events and even agricultural shows – we do it all! We also put on fireworks displays for huge sporting events, corporate product activations, weddings and birthdays. Skylighter Fireworks will provide the perfect fireworks for your next major event!


Close proximity pyrotechnics allow for spectacular displays in “tight” locations where full scale fireworks displays aren’t allowed or wouldn’t fit. Pyrotechnics like fountains, mines and comets can be safely utilised at much closer distances, but they promise an amazing experience that your guests will talk about for years to come!

Special FX

Our special effects are an incredible way to astound your guests in a small or indoor space. Skylighter Fireworks can create majestic effects without the exploding pyrotechnics or permits! Our special effects range from spark machines, flames, smoke and haze, to lasers, confetti, streamers, C02 and cryogenics.


Create a unique aerial ambience with the use of the Skylighter Laser system. Use Skylighter’s high-powered lasers for ultimate event statements!


We use the latest in drone technology to create aerial entertainment with a difference. From corporate advertising to brand reveals and animation shows – nothing is too difficult for the Skylighter Drone Fleet!

Custom Fabrication

We specialise in out of the box thinking, design, and execution, to create the most magical displays you can possibly imagine! Do you need a customised prop or last-minute build? We’ve got you covered, no matter what incredible effect you want to achieve. Sklighter Fireworks are experts in the full range of fireworks and special effects services. We deliver – from concept to creation!

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Fireworks Displays

Special FX


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Corporate Events

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Sports Events

How We Do It


With 25 years of expertise, Skylighter Fireworks has played a pivotal role in organizing Australia’s major events. We meticulously tailor every aspect of our operations with the event and audience in mind, from managing logistics to delivering the final display. We can choreograph our displays to music with split-second accuracy, even across multiple firing locations, and will do whatever is required to make your event incredible!


Skylighter Fireworks thrives on genuine passion for fireworks and special effects. Our mission is constant innovation, crafting fresh and thrilling approaches to showcase your event worldwide. With a dedicated team, we seamlessly transform ideas into spectacular experiences, ensuring meticulous care from start to finish. Committed to excellence, we tirelessly work to make your experience extraordinary!


The most important aspect of every fireworks display is safety. At Skylighter Fireworks, safety is paramount when planning, designing and executing each and every production. Every phase of the production from concept to delivery undergoes detailed risk assessment analysis. Our safety focus is all encompassing and that makes us an industry leader.


Skylighter Fireworks prioritizes environmental responsibility by eliminating plastics to reduce non-recyclable waste. We breed a culture of recycling, waste reduction, and environmental protection in both our staff and our clients. All clients are welcome to request detailed information about our sustainable initiatives, reflecting our unwavering commitment to accountability to the environment and our fellow citizens.


Skylighter Fireworks leads the way in advancing pyrotechnic special effects and computer firing system technology. Our commitment to innovation drives us to explore novel techniques, aiming to captivate audiences with fresh and exhilarating displays. At the forefront of innovation, we push boundaries to deliver unforgettable experiences that showcase our creativity and excellence, leaving spectators in awe.

Our Team

Our entire team has a genuine passion for fireworks and special effects. Leaving nothing to chance, we invest heavily in our staff, product, and equipment to ensure that we are at the top of our industry. All the projects we’re involved in are expertly nurtured, from concept to clean up. We are always pristine and efficient and we love what we do – and we work extremely hard to ensure that you’ll love it too!

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