Have you ever dreamed of having wedding fireworks?

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life – could you imagine including wedding fireworks in your extravaganza? It’s so important that this day is exactly how YOU want it to be, and that it’s a day you’ll remember for your entire life!

Just like discovering the perfect venue, photographer, and flower arrangements, it’s a complete game-changer to be able to display wedding fireworks for your guests!

At Skylighter Fireworks, we understand how important your day is. This is the magical, fairy-tale wedding that you have dreamed about all your life, so it’s our top priority to make it particularly spectacular for you and the love of your life.

Imagine fireworks bursting in the sky as you cut your wedding cake, or you and your partner’s initials illuminated against the stars, all designed as a custom fireworks display, just for you. Would you like your wedding fireworks to reflect the colours you have chosen for your special day? What if the sky was filled with enormous bursts of light and fireworks as you, your life partner, and your guests, watch in awe?

We can design a wedding fireworks display to match your colour theme AND seamlessly script the fireworks to your favourite songs. Imagine having your first dance to your favourite song, while majestic fireworks erupt overhead?

Our fog machines can even create a magical cloud of mist to cover the dance floor during your first dance, highlighted by silver fountains shimmering in each corner. You can be the envy of your guests as you depart the venue in your limousine, driven through a tunnel of silver fountains lining each side of the driveway, as you wave goodbye to your family and set off on your new adventure as a married couple.

Let Skylighter Fireworks add the perfect final touch to a day you and your guests will never forget. We offer several specific wedding packages tailored to suit a wide variety of venues, themes, and budgets, so please contact us and let us customise a special quote, perfectly suited to your dream wedding day.

Imagine fireworks and special effects at your wedding!

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