Skylighter’s Fiery Triumph at Dark Mofo 2024 Winter Feast

Skylighter's Fiery Triumph at Dark Mofo 2024 Winter Feast

The 2024 Dark Mofo Winter Feast was a spectacular success, and Skylighter played a pivotal role in creating an unforgettable experience. Our team, led by Project Manager and Special Effect Supervisor, Dale Norris, brought the event to life with pyrotechnic activations and special effects, enhancing the festival’s ambiance and site aesthetic.

This year, Skylighter introduced our revolutionary 5-way head liquid flame system, a cutting-edge technology that added a dramatic flair to the Winter Feast. The system’s versatility allowed us to create mesmerizing flame effects that captivated the audience and perfectly complemented the event’s dark, enchanting atmosphere.

In addition to the liquid flame system, we employed pyro strobes that synchronized with the festival’s music and lighting, adding bursts of light and energy that heightened the sensory experience. The combination of these elements provided a seamless integration of fire and light, creating a visual symphony that resonated with attendees.

Our logistics team successfully managed the national trans-Tasman dangerous goods freight, ensuring that all materials arrived safely and on time. This meticulous planning and execution were crucial in maintaining the high standards of safety and quality that Skylighter is known for.

Dale worked closely with Dark Mofo’s Senior Site Designer, Bruce Mckinven and Creative, Alex Podger to meet the design briefs and align our effects with the overall site design. This collaboration ensured that every element of the pyrotechnic display matched the artistic vision for the event. The result was a cohesive and immersive environment that drew rave reviews from both attendees and organizers.

The close proximity effects we implemented were particularly notable, providing an intimate and engaging experience for festival-goers. The strategic placement of flames and pyrotechnics around the site created pockets of warmth and light, drawing people together and enhancing the communal feel of the Winter Feast.

Skylighter’s success at Dark Mofo 2024 is a testament to our commitment to innovation, safety, and artistic collaboration. We are proud to have contributed to the magic of this iconic festival and look forward to continuing our tradition of excellence in future events.

Image Credit: Funtacula Fotography