City of Gold Coast Australia Day

The City of Gold Coast Australia Day event was a huge success!

It celebrated our newest citizens, and reflected upon and acknowledged our oldest ones, with a display at Home of the Arts.

A pyro-musical like no other, themed around Dorothea Mackellar’s ‘My Country’, the display took audiences in and around the Gold Coast on a journey across our vast land, from bush to coast, and rainforests to reef. It allowed us to come together to reflect on being in the greatest country in the world.

#TeamSkylighter’s project crew on the day featured Nick Kozij, Nicholas Mitri, Shanan Withers, Liam Harvey, Dale Norris, and Harrison Smith – our dream team! We also engaged a plethora of workshop and office staff, including Darren Rooney and Mat Hardaker, who ignited over 15+ positions of special effects, proximity pyrotechnics, and outdoor product, from land positions, rooftops, and barges!

Image Credit: Full Throttle Photography

This massive display was controlled through wireless timecode distribution to ensure pin-point accuracy and timing across all sites.

A carefully curated soundtrack, by Nick Kozij, was the ultimate underscore for the display. The soundtrack included a variety of mediums, including voice overs, instrumental components, and media bytes, to guide audiences through a colourful journey. The soundtrack allowed Skylighter’s Senior Designer, Harrison Smith, and our design team, to feature a variety of effects that complemented the storyline and added to the multi-media experience.

Skylighter Fireworks worked with all key stakeholders, including local and state governments, water police, rescue support, and parklands staff to ensure the event went off without issue on land or water.

Image Credit: Hussain Photography

Skylighter Fireworks were also pleased to feature some of our newest creations and products from our 2023 catalogue. These fireworks and pyrotechnic products include minimal residue, debris-less proximity effects, and clean outdoor product to leave the site in picture perfect condition.

Skylighter Fireworks displayed a phenomenal, 10-minute sensory overload! We inspired audiences, captured skylines, and brought the hottest day on the Gold Coast to a close in true, breathtaking style.

Watch this fireworks spectacular!!