Corporate and Product Activations

Now let’s make it shine!

Skylighter are the masters of creating memorable moments at events with stunning effects, pyrotechnics, flames and C02. Let us reveal your product in a wall of fireworks or launch a car as it lowers from the roof with C02 shooting from the wheels. Welcome your CEO with a wall of smoke or sparks. Celebrate the top award with a blast of confetti or streamers or your company image up in fireworks. However, you want to celebrate, Skylighter have a turn key solution that suits your needs. We have a huge selection of effects, hardware and knowledge that allows us to create that WOW moment. For those occasion that need that extra technical moment, why not add a Jet-Ski with a giant flag with your logo on it shooting fireworks in a pool or utilise our custom workshop to create the exact effect to fit your requirements. However you want to celebrate, we have the solution that fits your specific needs!

After all, it’s about impressing your guests and leaving them with something to talk about for years to come!

Imagine these fireworks at your next event!

(Click the video to turn the sound on.)