Cryogenics and CO2 Effects

Rock the stage, blow them away!

Cryogenic effects are a great attention getter, or full stop at the end of a performance. Skylighter can do it all with a level of creativity that is unmatched in this industry. From concept to clean-up we have you covered, sweating every detail so you don’t have to. With our cutting-edge Magic FX equipment and superior customer service we can deliver an end result that will WOW your audience. The possibilities are endless! A bull mascot blowing smoke during a corporate sales meeting, a volcano “erupting” with C02 “smoke”, a scaled fighter jet on stage with engines at “full blast”. Whatever design you have in mind, our Cryogenic Jets can make your props and displays come to life!

Our Magic FX CO2 jets create an instantaneous and or continuous stack of white mist that will create an illusion, for a product or person to be revealed. Several CO2 heads can create chaser sequences that release to the beat of music. Most venues do not require permits for these safe and affordable effects, making them a spectacular and effortless addition to your event. From sporting events to concert tours, corporate events and theme parks, thrilling your audience is easy with Skylighter’s C02 Effects.

Imagine cryogenics and CO2 effects at your next event!

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