Flames would be perfect for your event!

Flames are one of the most powerful, exciting, and versatile special effects that Skylighter Fireworks offers. Flames provide a simple yet POWERFUL effect that will be sure to get cameras snapping!

Do you want your new product or brand to be reposted around the world on social media?

Do you want your wedding guests to gasp as flames light up the love of your life?

Do you want your concert to blow your guests’ minds as fire shoots into the air over their heads during your grand finale?

Flames are safe, manageable, and customisable. Skylighter Fireworks can create fireball effects, flame effects, and even walls of flame!

Can you imagine these flames at your next event?

Skylighter Fireworks uses Galaxis G-Flame Projectors exclusively. They form the world’s safest, most versatile, and definitely the most spectacular flame system. Flames are the perfect way to heat up any event and can be utilised in several ways from instant shots to time-coded displays. Skylighter has engineered different functions and uses for the flame system and can create a bespoke solution in any environment.

Utilising LPG, flames can be launched high into the air, across a stage, or even over the heads of an audience, SAFELY! With our remote firing capability, flames can be fired from almost any imaginable location, providing an instant rush of heat, light, and EXCITEMENT!

Flames are an excellent addition to product launches, presentations, live performances, sporting events, or even weddings! Have YOU even seen wedding photos set in front of a backdrop of FIRE?

Skylighter Fireworks provides a full turnkey solution for your event, with project management, installation, presentation, and dismantling included. You won’t need to worry about a single detail, and your guests will be talking about your display for YEARS to come!

If you’re daring, imaginative, and full of life, you’ll LOVE the energy and excitement that flames will bring to your event. Please contact us for a customised quote. We can’t wait to light up your night!