We bring the heat!

Flames are one of the most powerful, exciting and versatile effects that Skylighter offer. They provide a simple yet powerful effect that will be sure to get cameras snapping. From grand entrances, product launches, opening acts and sports presentations, let your imagination run wild! Skylighter will turn production concepts into reality with their extensive special effects knowledge and experience. It’s no wonder Skylighter is Australia’s most innovative and creative, yet affordable, special effects designer.

For Skylighter, fire is safe, manageable and customisable. Fireball effects, flame effects and walls of flame will add drama and elicit excitement. Some flame effects can be employed very close to guests or performers. Indoors, truss mounted, on the back of quad bikes and even in pools, flames can get any event fired up!

We have the following available:

  • Indoor Flame Bars with electronic igniters
  • Outdoor Flame Bars with electronic igniters (can be added onto truss with wheels)
  • Indoor Flame Projectors
  • Outdoor Flame Projectors
  • Stadium Flame Projectors
  • Water Flames

Imagine these flames at your next event!

(Click the video to turn the sound on.)