Jetski, Flyboard and Pyrotechnics Shows

It‘s wet, it’s extreme and it’ll get them excited!

Skylighter has taken creating spectacular fireworks and water displays to the next level! In a world first, Skylighter has pushed the boundaries of fireworks on the water to new heights. With Skylighter’s custom equipment and safety management, these fun, creative and spectacular displays have created moments that will leave the crowd breathless.

The show can incorporate branding, logos on specially designed wraps, flags and even fireworks logos. Jet skis, flyboards and jetpacks are loaded with fireworks on a specially designed firing pod and skiers perform a human water-skiing pyramid with silver fountains on the top. All of our fireworks are computerised, wireless and fire to a choreographed music track to produce unique water spectacular. Skylighter Fireworks has pioneered new and efficient ways to deliver these types of shows and are world leaders in designing and producing live interactive water shows.

Imagine these fireworks at your next event!

(Click the video to turn the sound on.)