Laser Statements

Aerial Ambience

Skylighters Lasers add light, colour and texture to any event. Lasers can be used in many capacities but are frequently used in conjunction with a musical performance. From nightclubs to indoor arenas, our lasers will give you that unique look no other effect can match. With state-of-the-art animation tools, we can develop a laser graphics show to meet your needs. From just a few minutes, to full featured laser show productions choreographed to music, we have it all. Combine special effects such as confetti, cryo jets, or pyrotechnics to make it a full multimedia show!

Laser Beams

Perhaps the most common of laser effects, beams can soar for miles. Beams can dance around the room and are often used to highlight a musical performance of a live band or a DJ. Choose from our traditional solid green projectors, or a full-colour system capable of producing millions of colours. The options are limitless!

Laser Logo Projection

Want exposure? We can display your organisation’s logo on almost any surface. Lasers take advertising to a new level. With millions of colours and hundreds of animation options, lasers are more entertaining than a gobo and are guaranteed to draw attention. Imagine your logo projected onto the side of a building visible to thousands at a major event or your sports teams’ logo on the field of play. Add multiple logos or messages to create a rotating billboard of branding.

Imagine these lasers at your next event!

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