North Devils Rugby League Club Crowned Winners of Hostplus Cup

It was the Redcliffe Dolphins vs the North Devils Rugby League Football Club, and the North Devils absolutely rocked it! What a win it was!!

Skylighter Fireworks would like to congratulate the North Devils Rugby League Club for their SPECTACULAR win of the Hostplus Cup Grand Final, held over the weekend at Moreton Daily Stadium.

The crowd went absolutely wild as Skylighter Fireworks went above and beyond to make an already awesome day even more breath-taking! We are extremely proud to be part of such an incredible achievement. (We really do have the best job ever!!) We were thrilled to provide exceptional game-day hype with our flames and bio-confetti for post-match celebrations. As you can see from the photograph, Skylighter’s confetti made the winning moment POP!

Are YOU planning a sporting event in Queensland?

Skylighter Fireworks has pioneered some of the biggest effects at sporting matches across the country! Our innovations have shaped the industry with our state-of-the-art digital firing system, precisely choreographed, synchronising with live action, music, projections, lighting and lasers.

We work very closely with our clients to make sure everything goes off without a hitch, and because of the often-restrictive limitations in the confined spaces during sporting events, safety is paramount. When there are excited spectators and adrenalin pumped players around, all possible scenarios have to be considered and acted upon.

Close proximity pyrotechnics can be used to safely add the magic of pyrotechnics to sporting events inside stadiums.

If you would like a quote for YOUR next sporting event, please contact Skylighter Fireworks!