SeaFire International Fireworks Competition Lights Up the Gold Coast with a Spectacular Success

The City of Gold Coast recently witnessed an explosion of joy and wonder as Skylighter Fireworks hosted the highly anticipated 2023 SeaFire International Fireworks Competition. The golden beaches were adorned with over 100,000 excited spectators, eager to witness the battle between Germany and Sweden for the coveted trophy.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, anticipation filled the air. The crowd eagerly awaited the first display, and Sweden did not disappoint. Their performance, titled “ABBA DABBA DO”, sent a breathtaking spectacle soaring to the sky, perfectly synchronized to a thrilling ABBA soundtrack. The combination of stunning pyrotechnics and nostalgic melodies created an electric atmosphere, with the audience singing and dancing along, transported to a world of pure joy.

Abba Dabba Do – Sweden: Image – Photos.By.Night

Not to be outdone, Germany’s show, aptly named “This is Germany,” left audiences breathless with a mesmerizing fusion of dazzling effects and an immersive soundtrack. Each explosion painted the night sky with an extraordinary palette of colors, captivating onlookers with sheer artistry and precision. It was a testament to the German team’s exceptional talent and their ability to create an unforgettable experience.

This is Germany; Germany – Image Neil Kendall

Team Australia, represented by Skylighter Fireworks, took on the role of host company, presenting a non-competing showcase display to inspire and create core memories across the Gold Coast. Their contribution, supported by a small feature from Jetpack Events, added an unexpected surprise that delighted the crowd and showcased the incredible creativity of the local talent.

Team Australia –

Team Australia – Full Throttle Photography

After a fierce competition between the international teams, the judges had the challenging task of determining the winner. Ultimately, the trophy was awarded to Rohr Feuerwerke from Germany, whose display left an indelible mark on the judges’ hearts. Göteborgs FyrverkeriFabrik from Sweden also received high praise for their outstanding performance, proving that both teams brought their A-game to the competition.

The scale of the spectacle was truly awe-inspiring, with over 5 tonnes of fireworks, 30 minutes of non-stop displays, and a staggering 50,000 individual fireworks illuminating the night sky. Skylighter Fireworks, known for their expertise and innovation, flawlessly executed the displays with redundant timecode systems and the cutting-edge FireOne UltraFire technology. The event was even simulcasted with the support of media partner 1029 Hot Tomato and allowing those who couldn’t attend in person to share in the magic.

Behind the scenes, #TeamSkylighter worked tirelessly to ensure the seamless deployment of three offshore-rated barges and additional support vessels. Their professionalism and attention to detail were instrumental in creating the perfect canvas for the fireworks extravaganza.

SeaFire International Fireworks Competition is a proud presentation of the City of Gold Coast, with the generous support of 1029 Hot Tomato. Powered by Skylighter Fireworks, this event brings people together, fostering a sense of community and leaving lasting memories for all who attend.

As the final burst of colors faded away, the air was filled with a chorus of applause and cheer. The SeaFire International Fireworks Competition once again surpassed all expectations, spreading joy and wonder throughout the Gold Coast. The success of this year’s event has set the stage for an even more extraordinary celebration next year, as the world eagerly awaits the return of this magical spectacle of light and sound. #SeaFire #SkylighterFireworks #TeamSkylighter #fireworksgoldcoast #goldcoastfireworks