Spark Machines

Spark machines create indoor fireworks effects without the pyrotechnics and permits!

The Spark Machine is a world first cold spark machine! It replicates the effect of an indoor close proximity fireworks, with no hot sparks or explosive material.

Easy to control and setup in minutes and very safe, there is no licence or dangerous goods involved in this activation.

The Spark Machine operates at such cool temperatures; the sparks themselves are not flammable. The machines are also very smart and have multiple built-in safety protocols. You can control the start and stop of the effect at any time, so the machine cannot be abused in any manner. An operator can control the time, height and volume. This has never been achieved from a machine, ever.

This is the beginning of a new technology in the world of stage effects.

Imagine these spark effects at your next event!

(Click the video to turn the sound on.)