Sports Presentation Fireworks

We get fans engaged and excited in the game!

Sports presentation has become an essential part of match day activities. Whether it’s a post-game firework display or cryo jets for the player introductions, we love creating impactful moments that engage fans and add excitement. Our ability to provide a wide variety of in-house effects raises the bar and provides you with a full-service effects company. We design our special effects to fit your team’s brand and engage fans with their favourite sport. Sporting events are some of the most exciting productions in the world and creating incredible moments is what Skylighter does best!

We have pioneered some of the biggest effects at sporting matches across the country, with innovations that have shaped the industry with our state-of-the-art digital firing system, precisely choreographed, synchronising with live action, music, projections, lighting and lasers.

We work closely with the client and because of the often-restrictive limitations in the confined spaces during sporting events, safety is paramount. When there are excited spectators and adrenalin pumped players, all possible scenarios have to be considered and acted upon. Close proximity pyrotechnics can be used to safely add the magic of pyrotechnics to sporting events inside stadiums.

So, get your fans chanting, get social media ticking with your sports brand in focus and let us deliver a heart stopping, show stopping halftime presentation!

Skylighter Fireworks will IGNITE your event!

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