The Lord Mayor’s New Year’s Eve Fireworks for the City of Brisbane

Skylighter Fireworks delivered the Lord Mayor’s New Year’s Eve Fireworks for the city of Brisbane.

Both displays featured a variety of low, medium, and high energy moments throughout the display, launched from 3 positions in the South Brisbane Reach of the River.

The theme was “Celebrate the Bloom of Brisbane”, as we head towards Brisbane 2032 and showcase our unique city.

Custom comet and rainbow spinning multishots featured as part of the display this year, having never been used in such settings.

The midnight display contained aquatic multishot effects, moving fish, and a tribute to the Jacaranda through purple, aerial ambience.

Image Credit: Brizzy Pix

Skylighter Fireworks have partnered with Brisbane’s formidable production house, The Little Red Company, to curate the 2022 soundtracks for the displays.

Little Red has pioneered a unique brand of music-driven experiences, which bring together world-class artists from diverse professional and artistic backgrounds to create exciting and relevant productions that attract new audiences to the arts.

Featuring a variety of local, national, international, BIPOC, and celebrated artists, the soundtracks are uniquely Brisbane and will be the ultimate underscore to the Skyward Spectacle!

Skylighter Fireworks Facts:

  • 5 Tonnes of fireworks
  • 60 000 pyrotechnic shots
  • Local Brisbane company
  • 11 km of cabling
  • Product selection and manufacturing began in March of 2021.
  • 15 Crew worked on the display that evening – from designers, to operators, assistants, aquatic staff, and operational control, and will work through the holiday period to prepare the display.
  • Over 12 controllers with 120 firing systems will fire the display with millimetre and millisecond precision!

Image Credit: Lili Roessel Photography