Tours, Festivals and Concerts

Make the audience lose their minds!

That moment when the beat drops and chaos is let loose, the heat as the band rocks the stage or the cool mist as the lights turn down! Skylighter Fireworks amplifies excitement and helps create that emotional connection you want your audience to feel. Colours are dramatic, music is intense, sets are bold and edgy, and now Skylighter provide all the special tools to let your fans lose their minds!

Skylighter have a dedicated team that consist of professionals that can bring any tour to life. From a one-off concert to a yearlong tour, Skylighter have a range of effects from Flame, Confetti, Stage Fireworks, Cryo Effects, Lasers and Foam. Skylighter work extensively with event production to make the event pop. Whether you want audience-scanning lasers, precision choreographed graphics or popping flames we’ll take your ideas and make them explode.

Imagine these fireworks at your next event!

(Click the video to turn the sound on.)