Moving, Flying, Spinning

If it moves, flies or spins, Skylighter can add fireworks to it!

New and exciting is what the people want and Skylighter are only too happy to provide it. Take your next event to a new level that pushes the boundaries of traditional fireworks displays. With Skylighter’s custom equipment and safety management, these fun, creative and spectacular displays have created moments that will leave the crowd breathless. These displays can incorporate branding, logos on specially designed wraps, flags and even fireworks logos.

Skylighter have become Australia’s leaders in adding pyrotechnics to moving platforms. From flying kites, soaring skydivers, flyboards, speeding quad bikes, human performers and trained horses, Skylighter can create a bespoke solution for any application. With the expertise and knowledge to create safe, spectacular, legal and permitted displays from moving platforms, elevated platforms or flying platforms.

Imagine these fireworks at your next event!

(Click the video to turn the sound on.)